The Anchor Lounge?

An email query arrived from Carolyn Inhoffer Montes, who asks:

I hope you can help answer a question for me. My dad, a Marine, was chatting with a fellow Marine, who asked him if he knew about the ‘Anchor Lounge’ in Rancho Cucamonga, owned by a Navy guy (thus the name) that was ‘in the middle of a vineyard. My dad and I are assuming it was a ‘seedy’ place…

Nonetheless, he keeps asking if I have learned where it was located. I’ve googled to see if anything would pop up, but nothing does. I saw your blog and thought you might be able to help me, given your historic knowledge of Rancho.

Any thoughts? Or insight?

I’ve never heard of this, but that doesn’t mean much. Have you any of you?

Update: via the Alta Cucawanda Friends Facebook page, Chris H. Boesen says the Anchor Lounge was on Foothill Boulevard, just west of Hermosa Avenue, on the north side, in what is now a patio furniture store. “I know it was there in the mid-’70s. Don’t remember when it closed,” Boesen writes. “It was a dive bar for sure.” And Jane Vath O’Connell says: “I remember it as a place called Capt. Shinks!”

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  • Richard_Pietrasz

    The location between Hermosa and Archibald was likely not surrounded by vineyards in the mid 1970s, and I suspect a review of neighboring real estate records would confirm that. This was before my time here.

    However, the SW corner of Foothill and Rochester was likely amid or at least next to vineyards at the time, and there was a seedy bar there in the 1980s. Perhaps the Anchor Lounge moved, or perhaps someone is confusing two different bars.