Column: Mi Poco LA adds hipper, Latino twist to LA County Fair

In Friday’s column, I write about an experiment at the Fair in attracting Latino millennials: Mi Poco LA, an area set aside for live music, food, coffee and art. I liked it too. The column has a gallery of photos that I took.

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  • SAWZ

    I am neither a Latino or a millenniel. I had not read any information on the project that you describe as being sponsored for the purpose of drawing people from those specific groups. I was at the fair on Montclair day, Thursday, and whenever I do go for a short time, I always walk through the art building. I exited at the back to the patio area and stopped to watch an artist producing instant portraits with spray-paint. While she was producing that work, she was playing good music. I was thinking, “Wow, what talent”! There was no observation by me about her ethnicity or age group–now that I know, yes, she was Latino and millenniel. There were about ten people watching and I did not make any note of any of those viewers regarding their, respective, ethnicities or age-groups. If the show is good, all kinds of people will watch.

    • davidallen909

      It’s certainly not exclusive, anyone open-minded might enjoy themselves and during the daytime there’s a wider range of people. I was there again Sunday night and it was mostly young Latinos. But I had a good quesadilla and jamaica and heard some good music. It’s a nice hangout space.