Dial ‘NAtional’ in Pomona

Reader Robin Young was in Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center in August when she found a sure sign she was in the old wing: a sticker on the restroom’s towel dispenser with a NAtional prefix (62). As phone exchanges were dropped in 1965, that’s one old and well-preserved sticker! “It’s a time capsule,” Young says with fondness.

Carr Paper Co., by the way, was established in 1944 and lasted at least into the 1980s, and possibly beyond. Founder Dick Carr was also a longtime board member at the hospital and the boardroom was named for him. So it’s kind of heartwarming that one of his company’s stickers is still in place in a humbler spot in the hospital.

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  • SAWZ

    I lived in Pomona in the late 50’s and had a National number. I bet they don’t make paper like that anymore. Now they need to figure out how to preserve the sticker while they remove it–it is a collector’s item–unless somebody from the former company has a drawer full–or a die somewhere?

    • davidallen909

      Let’s not talk about removing it. Let’s just appreciate it in place.

      • SAWZ

        I was talking about removing it to conserve it for eternity!

  • DebB

    My first thought was that it’s in remarkably good shape considering how many times it must have been cleaned over the years. My next thought was, “ulp…what if it’s never been cleaned?”

    • davidallen909

      I know, it looks almost new!