Our stack

Transitioning from the 15 south to the 10 west recently, I was stuck for a spell due to traffic. That provided an opportunity to admire the web of overhead lanes and ramps. The view is to the southwest. Does this interchange have a name, or nickname? There’s a sort of beauty about it, just as there is for the 10/57.

I’m reminded of a Road Runner/Coyote cartoon in which they chase each other around a similar stack of freeway, unoccupied because it hasn’t yet opened, each ending up on a different elevation, repeatedly.

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  • Cliff Hutson

    I think that “The Stack”, for most of us who came of age in Los Angeles means the four level interchange of the 101 and 110 freeways. But, your interchange is also worthy of a name. Perhaps your readers can come up with one. https://goo.gl/5MQXaC

    • davidallen909

      You make a good point, so I tweaked the headline on this post from The Stack to Our Stack. (I almost made it Our Mini-Stack, but that seemed like overdoing it.) I don’t have a better name for this one or the 10/57 but am open to ideas.