Column: Alta Loma High alums recall school, town of the 1960s

Alta Loma High School opened in 1963, with its initial three grade levels graduating in ’65, ’66 and ’67. When the organizer of the joint 50th reunion contacted us about coverage, the topic seemed like it might make for a good nostalgia column. What was Alta Loma like before the growth boom? I talk to some alums, one of them the mayor, and write about it in Sunday’s column.

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  • DebB

    This really has nothing to do with ALHS, except that it reminded me that I also was in the first graduating class from my high school. That may seem odd, because I went to Glendale High School, started in 1901. It was built and rebuilt several times in different locations as the student population grew, but the current school was opened in 1969 after a fire destroyed the old admin building.

    That was my sophomore year (it was a 3-year school), and ours was the first class to start and graduate in the new school. Some of the classrooms were not quite finished when we started – I remember having an English class in the gym for a week or two. And the hardscape outside was not fully done, either. We walked across the mud on plywood boards in a few places.

    I remember a lot of dissension in the papers at the time about tearing down the old school, and from the photos it does seem too bad to have lost some beautiful buildings, including a clock tower. I don’t think the new school could be described as beautiful.

    I thought this might interest you, because I know you occasionally go to Glendale and to Brand Blvd. On the GHS site there are some photos of the old schools, including one on Brand, and some pics of Brand Blvd. showing the old cable car. There are also a few pics of our most famous alumni – John Wayne.

    • davidallen909

      I found this photo online of the clock tower and a portion of the old campus. They don’t make ’em like that anymore — and they certainly weren’t in 1969.

      • DebB

        I’m sorry – I meant to add this link to the GHS photos:

        • davidallen909

          That photo of the tower falling was tough to see. I like the ones of a street car on Brand Blvd even into the 1950s.