Inside (and outside) the Pomona YMCA

The old Pomona YMCA was part of the Home Tour Nov. 5, and I was there. Here are a few photos. The one above was shot a few days before from inside the American Museum of Ceramic Art, directly across from the Y. Handsome building, isn’t it?

The Y was bought for $2.65 million by the Spectra Co., a Pomona-based builder that specializes in historic preservation, and which plans to give the 1922 building a badly needed renovation before using it as its headquarters. Work has begun and original details that have been long buried are coming to light.

Inside, we were told that this neat white hexagonal tile was revealed in spots where a later layer of flooring was removed.

Above, a view of the basketball court. Note the elevated area on three sides…

That elevated area above the basketball court is a running track with, how fancy, banked turns. This is a view from above of both.

The basement pool is where generations of Pomona kids learned to swim.

Best. Cornerstone. Ever.

Not strictly speaking a historic detail, but this signs in a recreation room are wonderful. Unlike the Village People song, apparently you couldn’t “do whatever you feel.”

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  • Stephen C. Powers

    Thank you for the tour. Learned to swim in that now dry pool. Was a member for several years in my teens back in the late 50’s and early 60’s. Glad to see someone has stepped up to preserve the building, so many have been destroyed by the effects of earthquakes and the passage of time and progress. Tempus fugit!

    • davidallen909

      I agree, it’s great that the Y will also get an upgrade. Looked at as a continuum, the Fox, Mayfair and Pilgrim Church, all major buildings within a few blocks of the Y, have been renovated in recent years (Pilgrim was more of a seismic bracing, but still). It’s encouraging the Y will join them.

  • Allan

    Here’s an old photo of the swimming pool from the library’s digital collections:,2615

    Here’s one of the basketball court:,2637

    And a Frasher Foto of the exterior taken a few feet from where you were standing:,2634

    • davidallen909

      Someone was just asking on FB for a photo of the original doors, and boom, here’s a photo (which I shared).