Column: Billboard adds flash along freeway

There’s an electronic billboard along the 10 at Mountain Avenue, as motorists have discovered this past week. Blight or bright? I report, you decide, to quote a phrase. Also: reports from author events in Claremont for Hilton Als and Chris Matthews, a Culture Corner of events taking place today, and more, all in Sunday’s column.

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  • DebB

    I saw that billboard last week and thought to myself, “How long has that been there – have I seen it before?” It’s not that bad during the day, but at night I bet it’s pretty bright (read obnoxious).

    • davidallen909

      I take that drive to work every morning or I might also have wondered if the billboard had always been there. So far I’ve only driven by it at night from the opposite side of the freeway, when it’s been bright but probably less obnoxious than if I were driving right past it.

    • Diane Chrisman Grancich

      Oh, yes it Is!
      WAY too Bright and DISTRACTING!
      Turn DOWN the LIGHT POLLUTION!!!