Column: Metrolink supporters say: Don’t close Claremont station

A community meeting Monday night on a proposal by Metro to close the city’s Metrolink station drew some 300 people, all of whom were opposed. A decision may come in January. In the meantime, my Wednesday column covers the meeting.

I’ll add that frequent blog commenter SAWZ (Shirley Wofford) was among the speakers. The Montclair resident couldn’t support the idea of diverting Claremont riders to the Montclair transit center. “I use the Claremont station for a reason,” she said. “It’s a more comfortable, more fun station to come to.”

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  • DebB

    “right now the ballpark is in your court” – I sat at my desk and laughed and laughed! You made my morning, or rather, Hilda Solis did!

    • davidallen909

      I’m sure she’ll be pleased to hear it, ha ha.

  • SAWZ

    Oh, “lordy”, David!. I just saw this item. I hope my former Montclair managers did not see me make my remarks–I didn’t see you there and didn’t see anyone else I was hesitant to embarrass–I did get to talk afterward to the speaker prior to me whom I had not seen in 15 years. I have spent a lot of my life in Claremont with my daughter and her husband having been residents there for 30 years. My husband and I spent the three children’s babyhood to adolescence taking them pizza from Roundtable on Baseline every Saturday night and watching them so our daughter and her husband could go to dinner together. Then it was also going to their school programs and athletic events until they became adults. I do love Montclair and bristle at negative remarks about my town. But, the panelist clarified that the shuttle services would only exist during the six-year period that there will be no trains at all stopping in Claremont while the gold line is being built. The proposal is simply not acceptable for the college students who do not have cars and for other travelers who filter into and spend money in the village after detraining. I also spend the amount of two Laemmle premium cards in Claremont every year; also spend time at the Library and shops, etc. I hope to go to the meeting in LA when the final decision is announced.

    • davidallen909

      You were mentioned, but not by name, in the Claremont Courier as well. That a Montclair resident said she prefers the Claremont station over Montclair’s was an interesting perspective.

      About the shuttle service, it makes sense to me that proposed shuttle would end once people could take the Gold Line from Claremont to Montclair; it would go the same place and at the same frequency. Of course one would have to buy an extra ticket.

      But let’s hope the station stays open so that a shuttle becomes a moot point.

      • SAWZ

        Thank goodness, I did not mention that in 1999, my car, a 1987 Nissan Maxima with only 70,000 miles on it, was stolen at the Montclair station. (No trace of it was ever found.) Some thought that was my reason for going over to Claremont, but the reason was a depot with a staffed transit center and rest rooms during the week–plus the fact that there is a certain ambiance at the Claremont station that does not exist elsewhere. The staff monitored the parking lot–we could pick up all the Metro and other agency schedules. I wanted to travel by bus from Orange to Montclair one time. The clerk gave me a step by step itinerary. For anyone who wants to do that–it takes 3 hours to go the 30+miles due to two stop-overs and bus transfers at Brea mall and Holt Pomona. The three hours included my walking the last mile and a half from Arrow and Monte Vista to my house. So with that said, I was as upset about Claremont giving that depot away to the Art Association as I am about the Metrolink possibly leaving Claremont.

        Obviously, since I did not see you, I was late and did not get into the auditorium until it thinned out. I had gotten lost in the dark while driving there and kept turning myself around at Mountain. I started to just go back home but decided to go to my daughter’s house to have her look it up on her phone–she wasn’t home, so I went to the neighbor who routed me there. When I got there, all parking was gone and I walked in from a quarter-mile out.

        Another comment made was regarding commuters who travel to Cal State LA by Metrolink. (My grandson is a part-time instructor there–“grandma popping her buttons when the chance occurs”–and he takes the Metrolink from Claremont.) A person wanting to get off at CalState LA would have to shuttle or drive backwards to the Montclair Station or drive west or taxi to the Pomona stop. One commentor from Pomona bristled at negative comments about Pomona too. I used to live in Pomona–it has a lot of attributes that are positives too. (Montclair is boundried by five other cities–I consider them all parts of “my neighborhood”.)

        • davidallen909

          I’ll make two points:

          1) I agree, Metrolink’s SB Line serves cities and destinations (like Cal State LA) near the 10 whereas the Gold Line is oriented more to the 210, which many Gold Line partisans don’t seem to understand, and

          2) for many, but not all, getting to the Montclair or Pomona stations is only a mild inconvenience rather than impossible, yet some people are reacting as though Metrolink service is being taken away from them, I guess because those two cities are hellholes or something.

          Again, the Claremont station seems popular enough to keep a Metrolink stop and I hope it stays.

          • SAWZ

            True–all. There will be a loss of convenience and a certain ambiance. All of our cities have unique attributes.