Off the sickbed, back to the cubicle

I’m about recovered from a bad cold this past week that laid me up. I worked a half-day Tuesday, to finish a nearly completed column drafted the Friday before, and managed another half-day Wednesday, in which I began my annual desk-clearing column by beginning to (duh) clear my desk, but Thursday and Friday I was out of it and stayed home. Thus, no column Friday or Sunday.

As I write this Sunday evening, I’m not quite back to normal, but feeling much better, thanks, and planning to be back at my desk Monday for, I hope, a full day. What a way to start a new year, huh?

While what I had would not have qualified as the flu, the great Roger Miller song “Lou’s Got the Flu” came to mind, and it’s shared above because it’s a hoot.

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  • DebB

    I’m so sorry you’ve started the year sick! Take your time getting back to work and take care of yourself.

    • davidallen909

      Thank you! I’m at my desk now, but I’m not sure I have a full day in me.

      • davidallen909

        But it turns out I did! I gained strength as the day went on.

  • Doug Evans

    Sorry to hear you’re sick! I was on vacation in Arcata, CA last week (home of Humboldt State U., and five hours from the closest big airport… who knew?) and came down with a cold of my own. I was still able to enjoy the trip, and the five-hour car ride back to the airport, but I was hyped up on DayQuil/NyQuil to keep the symptoms at bay. I seem to have gotten better just in time for the start of the spring semester today. Hope that you are back to normal soon!

    • davidallen909

      Ah, spring semester, starting on a day that seems a long way from spring — unless these are April showers today.

  • Theodore Melendez

    I’m not buying it , seems like he’s milking the holiday vaction / slow news week to me…and lets add a couple of sick days too………………………..j/k

    • davidallen909

      I wish I could have made a “miraculous recovery” just in time for the weekend but I was pretty much out of it then too.