Column: RC woman was game for ‘Jeopardy!’

A local woman was on “Jeopardy!” on Monday. She used to work here in our newsroom! Not surprisingly, then, she gave me an interview about the experience. After that come six Culture Corner items and a Valley Vignette, all in Friday’s column.

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  • Tad A Decker

    Hi David,

    Regarding the Trinity United Methodist Church on Gibbs–although some of their buildings are much older, I believe that the main sanctuary building was actually constructed in the 1950’s. True, it is beautiful, and its Gothic detailing makes it appear to be of an earlier vintage.

    • davidallen909

      Well, that could very well be, Tad. My information came from the city’s historical survey of downtown, completed in the 1980s I believe, and a great resource on individual buildings. That’s where the 1888 date came from. I’ll have to take another look to be sure I didn’t misunderstand.

  • DebB

    It’s a hoot to see someone you know on TV. My first “sighting” was in the 70s when I was in college, and an old high school classmate was on the Dating Game! Recently I watched an old rerun of the Match Game and suddenly realized I knew the contestant they’d just introduced. The game was from the 70s also, and she was someone I worked with in the 80s. She got skunked, unfortunately.

    • davidallen909

      Match Game — I used to love that show. Gene Rayburn as host was so informal.