One Stop Record Shop, Ontario

Flipping through vintage 45s Sunday at the KSPC Record and CD Swap in Claremont, I noticed a store stamp on a sleeve for One Stop Record Shop, 320 E. Holt Ave., Ontario, with the old 714 area code.

This address would have been around Holt and Plum Avenue, north side of the street. As apartments went up along that stretch a decade ago, the storefront is long gone.

Anyone recall One Stop Record Shop?

The record, by the way, is Bachman Turner Overdrive’s “Takin’ Care of Business,” from 1973. The sleeve may or may not be original to the record. Either way, I didn’t buy it.

UPDATE: This photo from the Model Colony History Room shows the building from the early 1980s. Faintly discernible in the window on the right-hand side: “One Stop.” Thanks to Jan Taylor, Debra Dorst-Porada and the library for the find.

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