Column: Conservative and Trump critic on how we got here

I sit in on a talk in Claremont by David Frum of the Atlantic about where conservatism has gone astray. That makes up the bulk of Friday’s column, which ends with a Valley Vignette about a (sob!) newsroom colleague’s departure.

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  • SAWZ

    Wish I had been there. A few years ago, I attended the talk there by Carl Rove–I sat in an adjacent room where the talk was live-streamed. Did they do that with this talk–were there protestors (as happened at the Rove talk)? I I see Mr. Frum on TV frequently–he has a head on his shoulders, unlike the current, elected, leaders of his party.

    Best of luck to Monica–I did not know her but I hope she landed in a place worthy of her talents and work ethic, as you have described.

    • davidallen909

      If there were protesters, I’d have mentioned ’em. Frum is no Karl Rove: He got a modest audience, with more non-students than usual (sometimes I’m almost the only community member there), but it was low-key and there were empty seats.