Column: It was the tweet heard ’round the world

I had the disorienting experience of a tweet of mine, about the journalist’s lot, going viral, with retweets, likes and comments from people around the United States and across the globe. It makes for a change-of-pace Wednesday column.

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  • DebB

    This is hilarious! I saw that Tweet on this page, but since I don’t have a Twitter acct I couldn’t respond. I love that you got so many responses from so many different places. Is this your 15 minutes? (Hopefully not!)

    It’s unfortunate that social media has made it so easy to blow people off without any personal involvement. I’ve gotten it so often over the years when I email a resume to a job posting and never even get an acknowledgement. I realize the emailee is busy and overloaded, but the emailer is also important and shouldn’t be ignored.