• Dave

    Probably a retweet hangover 😉

    • davidallen909

      All the retweets went to my head.

  • DebB

    So sorry to hear you’re not well! I hope you’re back up and feeling good very soon! Take care….

    • davidallen909

      Thanks for the good wishes!

  • Richard_Pietrasz

    I hope you do better than I did. After almost two weeks, I could function OK, but almost two weeks since then, I am not 100%.

    • davidallen909

      That’s about what I went through in January when I got sick; the worst was over within a week, but I wasn’t at full strength for another couple of weeks. Hopefully this recovery will go faster.

  • Dara Allen

    Sorry you are sick, but happy that it didn’t interfere with your birthday celebrations! Of course, if it happened during your birthday week, that would have been even more distressing–although it would, probably, be behind you by now! Hang in there!!!

    • davidallen909

      Trying to!