Column: Shoppers’ memories of Broadway store live on

On Monday I compiled comments I’d solicited on Facebook about the old Broadway store into several usable paragraphs to have ready after Tuesday morning’s demolition ceremony for Wednesday’s column, due a couple of hours after I got into the office. But the ceremony proved lively enough that I didn’t have room for the previously prepared material.

So I set it aside to use in Friday’s column. Very little goes to waste here. I also have some Culture Corner items, an item about some upcoming appearances by yours truly (two of them this weekend) and a Valley Vignette. Above, a view of the store under construction from early 1968.

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  • DebB

    When I was in college in the early/mid 70s, I worked in “the competition” – the May Co. at the other end of Montclair Plaza. I was a floater, and worked in gift wrapping (their techniques were very specific and I still use some of them!) as well as different apparel sections. My favorite was the up-scale ladies department which included the furs. Occasionally I actually got to model the furs for a husband wanting to surprise his wife. One Christmas Eve a man came in and paid cash for an expensive fox coat! Since it was the competition, I was rarely in the Broadway until years after I left the May Co.

    On a different note – I kept chuckling as I read your article. When did so many people start using three names?!

    • davidallen909

      From now on, we’ll think of you as DebB, Fur Model. You know, a column on the May Co. upon its closing might have been a good idea, but it didn’t occur to me, and because Facebook hadn’t come about yet, finding people who worked there would have proved difficult. But I’m glad I wrote about Broadway.

      The three-name thing on FB makes me smile too — based on the comments on my posts, my audience often seems to be composed primarily of women with three names — but it makes sense: Married women would need to include their maiden name for old friends to find them.