I am glad that you mentioned the DMV employees were courteous and friendly. It helps to set the record straight. As a participator on a couple pension blogs, I know that criticism of DMV employees is continuously vicious, and since I have been a CA DMV customer for about 60 years, I know the criticism is false.

    I always walk-in because I go more relaxed than if I were to have an appointment. My visit last December to renew my DL resulted in a five-hour wait–I failed the vision test but had my distance glasses, that I have never used in the two years I have had them, in my purse–the clerk was nice to let me take the test over with the glasses which I must now use when I drive–I also now have cover-over sunglasses which are available at the drug store, and I feel just like Snoopy when he is outfitted in his scarf, helmut, and goggles to fly his plane.

    Since my DL does not expire until 2022 I was unsure what to do about the Real ID requirement in case I unexpectely need to fly in 2020. I attended a presentation by the Senior Driver Ombudsman at the Montclair Senior Center and learned that a driver who is at least 62 years old can go to the DMV and get a Real ID identification card, which is separate from the DL, for free. (If I were to go to the DMV to get the required ID added to my license it would cost me another $35.) The Real ID identification card can be used with the DL until time for renewal–it would then have to be surrendered because a driver may not have both those ID forms at the same time. It was useful information for me because my spouse’s DL expires in Feb. 2020–I will go then and get the Real ID identification, for free, to use until my DL renewal comes up in 2022.