Column: Columnist gets midlife lesson in riding a bike

Your uncoordinated columnist never learned to ride a bike. This week, with CicLAvia coming, I got a lesson. Spoiler alert: It didn’t go well. I write about the experience in Friday’s slightly (or very?) embarrassing column. But those are the best kind, right? Be sure to watch the video in the same link by my colleague Stan Lim.

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  • SAWZ

    David, I have a piece of serious advice which comes from personal experience: If you have not had a bone-density test, get one. If you have no osteoporosis, get back to the lessons. If you have osteoporosis in any form, get on the prescription medication–I have never met anyone in the last twenty years who has broken a bone by falling who claims to have used the medication that most Drs. recommend. Good luck, but if you decide never to ride a bike, life will go on.

    I learned to ride a bike when I was about 10 years old–we were on the farm and my falls were on dirt–I biked to my 4-H meetings, several miles on the highway, wearing a skirt since girls weren’t allowed to wear jeans to things in those days. (My own mother never learned to ride a bike and it was never discussed. When she moved to CA to be near me in the early 70’s she got an adult tricycle. I used to ride it and it took much more strength than riding a traditional bike.)

    During the gas and clean air crises in the 80’s, we at work had to figure out a way to ditch our motor vehicles for special credits. I wanted a bike, so I called Coates in Laverne. He set up an appointment with me and when I went in he had picked out a lovely ten-speed women’s bike for me. I bikes to work weekdays and went to pick up the day-old bread at Arrow Wheat every Saturday. Then I guess I must have been scared of all the traffic and I eventually tired of it and went to walking to work. The bike is still in my garage. I never learned what each of the ten speeds were for and how and when to use each. I still have thoughts of getting on that trail that goes to RC. Who knows–.