Column: Going down to Downey for a Big Boy burger

I made a special trip to the Bob’s Broiler in Downey — a classic coffee shop that the Bob’s Big Boy chain rescued — for lunch recently, and got not only a good experience but a Wednesday column out of it. Now that’s satisfying.

Has anyone been there, or know Downey?

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  • Bonnie

    I grew up in Norwalk and as a teenager used to cruise Harvey’s Broiler. My friends and I would cruise thru Harvey’s then drive over to A & W in Bellflower, cruise their parking lot, then start over. Occasionally we would get something to eat. Our favorite was Swamp Water from A & W, a combination of their root beer and orange juice. My stomach revolts today at the thought of drinking Swamp Water again.

    • davidallen909

      I’d never heard of Swamp Water, Bonnie, but my stomach is revolting at just the description. Thanks for writing.