Bob’s Big Boy, Pomona

Above is the Bob’s Big Boy that operated in Pomona at 221 W. Holt Ave. at Main Street. The photo comes from the redoubtable Darin Kuna at the Growing Up in Pomona Facebook page.

Here’s one from reader Bill Marino, which he shot circa 1970. Big Boy has a nice glow about him.

I couldn’t determine when this Bob’s opened. It closed in 1995. It went through several tenants after that, including a stretch as a combination Chinese-Pakistani restaurant, Shalimar Garden, in the 2000s. That or Super China Buffet may have been the last tenant. It’s been vacant for five or more years.

Here it is in its current state. There’s a for-lease sign.

Any memories of the Pomona Bob’s, readers?

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  • John Plessel

    Hey…wasn’t there another Pomona Bob’s on Foothill Boulevard, where Mr. D’s Diner is now?

    • davidallen909

      I don’t know! Maybe?

    • Tad A Decker

      Yes, John, I think you are right about the location on Foothill. It was first Bob’s (you can still recognize the iconic architecture), then later a Carrow’s. Another Bob’s location in the Pomona Valley that oldtimers might recall is the one in the Montclair Plaza (pre-second floor expansion). It was called Bob’s Big Boy Jr. and was on the northeast corner of the center clock court.

      • davidallen909

        Thanks for clearing that up, Tad; likewise about Montclair Plaza. A friend told me about that Bob’s existence after the follow-up column was published (sigh), but you’ve clarified the name and location.

      • John Plessel

        This “oldtimer” definitely remembers the “Jr.” in Montclair Plaza. And if I remember correctly, it was just inside the north entrance, on the left as you entered. There was another one in the Central City Mall in San Bernardino.

  • Mark Dixon

    I worked as a cook at the Bob’s at Holt and Main in the mid-1970s. Very popular spot at that time, always busy. The job included a free meal before or after each shift, so I enjoyed a lot of their great burgers in those days.

    • Marysue

      I had a neighbor who waitressed there in the mid 70s.

  • Fred Gebauer

    It’s an empty lot now, drove by today, so sad…

    • davidallen909

      Yes, Bob’s was demolished earlier this year in preparation for a project that (sigh) apparently won’t materialize.