Column: A ‘Little’ treasure found in Pomona

A Pulitzer-winning biography of Laura Ingalls Wilder leads me to a surprise the Pomona Public Library didn’t realize it had: a set of signed first editions of Wilder’s “Little House on the Prairie” books. Also: a bunch of Culture Corner items, a plug for this blog and a Valley Vignette, all in Friday’s column. Above, one of the books’ title page. Hey, bulldog.

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  • Doug Evans

    Shared this one with my family! My mom and sister are Little House fans. Somewhat related story: I’m a relative (great-great nephew, I think) of O.E. Rolvaag, author of the 1927 novel “Giants in the Earth,” based on his (and my!) family’s experience emigrating from Norway to South Dakota in the 1850s. About twenty years ago, while visiting my sister in Oregon, I was in the University of Portland library and pulled a copy of “Giants in the Earth” off the shelf, and saw that it was signed on the title page, just like your Little House books (technically not yours). I didn’t know what to do, so I just put the book back on the shelf, but I have thought ever since that I should have tipped someone in the library off to what they have just sitting on their shelf. Or maybe just walked out with it. (I would never have done that!) (But he is a relative of mine, so… I’m kind of entitled?)

    • davidallen909

      Judge: You’ve been charged with theft. How do you plead?
      Doug: …kind of entitled? [shrugs, smiles]
      Judge: [stares impassively]