Column: There’s a new Mayor Eaton in Montclair: his wife

Replacing the ailing Paul Eaton as mayor of Montclair is Ginger Eaton, his wife, who was appointed Monday to serve out the final four months of his term. I was there, and the story became Wednesday’s column.

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  • Bruce

    In the background of the picture you provided in the column is me, another (albeit, unofficial) mayor of Montclair. North Montclair to be more precise. I was the first person to move into Paseos of Montclair North and know about 150 of my fellow neighbors. At one of our gatherings, one of the neighbors nominated me to be the “mayor” of Paseos and the other residents “voted” me in. So, during public comment at the meeting on Monday, I offered my thanks and appreciation to Mayor Eaton and his wife for their years of service to Montclair. From one mayor to another. =-)

    • Theodore Melendez

      that area looks really nice, I walked my dog up monte vista a couple times

    • davidallen909

      I had no idea your comment was an official pronouncement, Bruce — wink. Nice of you to reach out a hand from north Montclair to south Montclair.

      I’m wondering if, as mayor of the Paseos, you gave out a “key to the city,” would it get the bearer into the common area?

      • Bruce

        It is common for our neighborhood to invite anyone to the common area.

        In fact, one of my first acts as mayor of Paseos was to put together an appreciation dinner for the Montclair firefighters and police officers in our courtyard.

        Now, the neighborhood is asking me to run for Mayor of Montclair. I am considering.