No cash accepted

On Sunday I ventured to LA via train to check out the Corporation Food Hall downtown at 724 S. Spring St. It opened last fall. Ordering lunch at South City Fried Chicken, I came across a situation that was brand new to me. As I tried to hand over a 20 and two 1s, the employee said apologetically, “We don’t take cash. We only take cards, sorry.”

They use the Square payment system. (I use the tiny version that connects to a phone to process card payments for my books.) I handed over my credit card and left with just as much cash in my pocket as when I arrived.

Unless I’m forgetting some previous incident, this seems to be the first time my cash was no good somewhere. I don’t know if any of the other half-dozen food vendors at the food hall take greenbacks, as my sandwich and fries were all I needed (for the rest of the day, in fact).

It makes a certain kind of sense: Most of their hip clientele probably routinely pays for everything with plastic, and then there’s no fear of robbery, or the need to run to the bank for a deposit or change. There may be those who don’t have a debit or credit card, for one reason or another, and yet might like a sandwich or cold drink, though.

I still tend to pay with cash for modest purchases. Have you met up with a card-only situation anywhere? How do you feel about it?

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  • Theodore Melendez

    Funny if you want to pop into most colleges in IE , LA , OC. , for a quick basketball game and the courts just so happen to be in the mdidle of campus.,you most likely are going to find ATM only parking meters. I’ve gone to 2. Cal Poly Pomona and UCI. Fun trivia for a Monday!

  • DebB

    I thought I remembered learning, back in my business school days in the 70s, that a business cannot refuse to accept legal US currency to pay a debt. But I just did a little research and found that there is no federal law that requires businesses to accept cash, unless a state law requires it. The policy must, however, be consistently applied and explained in advance to all customers. I’m like you – I prefer using cash for transactions like lunch or a snack. I guess we’re old school!

  • SAWZ

    I never heard of such a thing as a food establishment not accepting cash. Usually, its the other way around. I think that Phillipe used to be cash only. Now they accept credit cards.