Column: After crash, he opts for a car that’s even more mini

Completing a trilogy of columns on my car accident, I write about buying my replacement car: a Fiat. Plenty of readers chimed in on social media or in person about it. That’s the subject of Wednesday’s column.

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  • SAWZ

    It is a cute little car. I guess you are young enough to still feel comfortable on the freeway. I would suggest driving on the inside lane until you need to move over to exit. That would limit your exposure to the “monsters”.

    • davidallen909

      That might be good advice, although I tend to drive under the speed limit, which drivers in the faster lanes tend to frown on.

      • Allan

        In case you’re not familiar with the old Top Gear, James May is sometimes referred to as “Captain Slow”

        • davidallen909

          “This is a car AND a fashion item.” I like it.