Former Love’s to become pizzeria

A few restaurants have cycled through the building at 3272 N. Garey Ave. in Pomona over the years, with Casa Jimenez being the most recent. I was surprised to learn from a friend a while back that it was originally a Love’s BBQ. I knew there had been a Love’s on that corner, Foothill and Garey, in the 1970s, across from the famous Henry’s Drive-In, but had never thought that relatively modern-looking restaurant with the tile roof was it.

I bring all this up after noticing on the Planning Commission agenda last week that an applicant was seeking a conditional use permit to allow beer and wine at that address for a new pizzeria. Good news, since the building has been vacant a few years. So while driving past on Sunday, I pulled into the lot to take photos.

My guess is the pizzeria won’t be a chain, given the generic “pizza” sign. Based on the interior, which has been gutted, they’re starting from scratch.

Do you remember Love’s or other restaurants that used to be there?

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  • DebB

    Yup, used to go there with work friends for after-work drinks when it was Love’s. I’m not sure I actually ate there, though!

    • davidallen909

      Well, you were there at least! That’s more than I can say.

  • Richard_Pietrasz

    Casa Jimenez had 99 cent breakfast 20 years ago, perhaps even 15 years ago too. I remember doing breakfast at the Upland location on Foothill West of Sycamore Inn and Grove about once a week for a year or so. I took my daughter to the Garey location after getting her shot at the pediatrician’s way back then.

    Good memories. It is different now, time to find other good things to remember in future years.

    • davidallen909

      “…time to find other good things to remember in future years” gets an emphatic YES from me.

  • Tad A Decker

    I remember eating at Loves in the 1970’s. The exterior has been remodeled quite a bit over the years–that stucco bump-out over the entrance was added when the shopping center was remodeled, and I am pretty sure that the tile roof was put on at the same time. The windows look pretty original. The distinguishing feature in the Love’s days was the large gas flame on the ridge of the roof, housed in a covered metal structure.

    • davidallen909

      Thanks, Tad. Re the windows, the south side has three or four windows with a stained glass effect, which seem weird enough to be original.

  • SAWZ

    My husband and I ate at Love’s on Garey frequently. It was always crowded. I think there was a bowling establlishment across the street. The only meal I can remember having there was roast beef –nothing odd about such, because I have certain favorite restaurants and I have a certain meal at each. I have a memory in my mind of the manager, a heavy set man, always being there and overseeing operations. We were sad when it left Pomona and moved to restaurant row at or near the Eastland shopping center. When we had relatives in town, we took them to the Love’s there.

    • davidallen909

      Garey Bowl was across the street, yes.