Column: These horror films are silent except for organ music, screams

“The Phantom of the Opera” and “Nosferatu,” both from the 1920s, will screen at local churches in Claremont and Pomona, respectively, with live organ accompaniment in the days before Halloween. I preview those in Friday’s column, as well as update my list of book tour stops (come see me!), present a bunch of Culture Corner items and offer up a Valley Vignette.

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  • Kevin Surry

    HA! Saw Halloween (1978), this past Saturday at a cemetery in West Hollywood. While watching it, I thought it would be so cool to watch a horror movie in an old, dimly lit, old world, goth style church. Best time of the year, not too cold yet, and not 100 degrees everyday, and of course horror movies.

    • davidallen909

      I agree, the atmosphere can be part of the experience, whether a church or a cemetery.