Column: Mysterious noise as rocker tangles with John Cage

I attended an unusual concert last Friday at Claremont’s Little Bridges, an experimental music event involving a minimal John Cage score and contributions by former Sonic Youth guitarist Thurston Moore. I write about it in Wednesday’s column.

For a little backstory, I had not initially planned to write about the show, only attend for fun (although I did bring a notepad and took notes, just in case).

But then I was told the LA Times was covering the event. That got my competitive instincts going. While it wasn’t like I was going to out-write or out-think the LAT’s classical music critic, it seemed a shame to have a Claremont piece in the Times and yet ignore the event myself.

Monday afternoon, I decided to try writing a blog post about the show. After a few paragraphs, I thought, this is getting kind of long; let me cut and paste this into our article software and see HOW long. Well, it was around 500 words, which is verging on the length of a short column. Huh. Seemed like a waste to just post it here, so instead I decided to give myself a break and turn it into a column.

Possibly of interest, my blog style and my column style are slightly different, and so I adjusted the writing a bit and added a few paragraphs, with the finished result coming in at around 750 words, shorter than usual but long enough — especially for a column about a rather arcane musical happening.

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Former Love’s to become pizzeria

A few restaurants have cycled through the building at 3272 N. Garey Ave. in Pomona over the years, with Casa Jimenez being the most recent. I was surprised to learn from a friend a while back that it was originally a Love’s BBQ. I knew there had been a Love’s on that corner, Foothill and Garey, in the 1970s, across from the famous Henry’s Drive-In, but had never thought that relatively modern-looking restaurant with the tile roof was it.

I bring all this up after noticing on the Planning Commission agenda last week that an applicant was seeking a conditional use permit to allow beer and wine at that address for a new pizzeria. Good news, since the building has been vacant a few years. So while driving past on Sunday, I pulled into the lot to take photos.

My guess is the pizzeria won’t be a chain, given the generic “pizza” sign. Based on the interior, which has been gutted, they’re starting from scratch.

Do you remember Love’s or other restaurants that used to be there?

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