Column: On ‘Jeopardy!,’ this Pomona woman had upper hand

Mary Ann Borer of Pomona competed on “Jeopardy!” five days — days that were scattered throughout this month, by the way. I interview her about her experience, her silly hand gestures and her $88,500 in winnings for Friday’s column.

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  • Eric S.

    Did you notice the spelling of Pomona in the caption of the two official Jeopardy videos? The first one (day 2) is “Pamona” and the second one (day 3) is “Panoma”

    • davidallen909

      I did — groan. To be fair, that was close-captioning, and those are notoriously typo-ridden no matter the program. I don’t know if those are done manually or through AI but clearly they’re produced with haste and a kind of guesswork.

  • Proud

    @disqus_y0mZESx1Qy:disqus – You’d think they have a fact checker to prevent such an Embarrassment…….