Column: Acapulco, Chevys say adios

Chevys in Ontario has closed, as has Acapulco in Montclair and two of three local El Torito locations. I wasn’t a fan of any of ’em, but their loss is an interesting development. Along with a Culture Corner and a Valley Vignette, that makes up Friday’s column.

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  • Bob House

    Great column! Your opening is better than “Call me Ishmael.”

    Mention of Latino boxing history reminded me of a movie I saw decades ago, “The Ring” (1952). A Latino boxer in LA comes up against discrimination, apparently one of the first to address the issue.

    Mexican restaurant collapse in the IE seems like a seismic demographic shift.

    • davidallen909

      “Call me flattered.” As for the restaurant collapse, I would say it’s more “lame corporate Mexican restaurant collapse,” with the demographic shift promoting more good authentic choices — at least that’s my take.

  • Richard_Pietrasz

    I recall going to the East Colorado Pasadena Acapulco about half a dozen times in my college days in the mid 1970s. We liked it, but we gringos knew better and more authentic Mexican was elsewhere, and we did some of those too. Did El Torito West Covina a few times a few years later for lunch with work friends, not as good.

    My Garey Ave experiences were better over the years.

  • Proud

    @davidallen909:disqus – Agreed….Both Restaurants tried More ‘Gourmet’ options to bring people back in….Tried them Both and Still had the same ‘Bland, Frozen Food Taste as before’…..So Many Good and Affordable Options out their….They put ‘Themselves’ out of Business…

    • davidallen909

      That’s sometimes how it is. It’s hard to be sad about it, other than the loss of jobs.

  • Proud

    @davidallen909:disqus That is the Sad Big Picture of it All….