Column: Lore of Sears house in RC has shaky foundation

You may have heard or read over the years about a reputed Sears kit house in Rancho Cucamonga, a 1908 landmark. But is it really a Sears kit house? We may never know, but two experts say it’s unlikely. I assemble the story (folding Piece A into Slot B) for Wednesday’s column.

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  • Steven Rosenberg

    Very interesting. I’ve read Rosemary Thornton saying that actual Sears kit houses really didn’t appeal to Californians because the freight was too high, but the idea of Sears materials being used with other plans is an interesting twist.

  • SAWZ

    The house my family lived in on the farm in WY, from the time I was 12 until I left home at 20, was a mail-order kit house. It was not as big as this house–it was a two bedroom, 1 bath. It had a large kitchen and living room with picture window. I don’t know what the company was. The blue prints and lumber were delivered to the farm which was eight miles from town. I don’t know if it was via the post office or other freight. The lumber was precut per the blue prints and the house was constructed by carpenters using the blue prints, just like any other house. The foundation was the basement house that we lived in prior. The cost of the kit listed in the home-kit catalog was in the $2,000+ range and I don’t know whether or not the shipping cost was extra. We were in 7th heaven in our new house with indoor bathroom.

    • davidallen909

      That’s neat, Shirley, thanks for sharing.