Column: Host was part of the charm at 1887 Sumner House

You’ve probably seen Sumner House even if you don’t know its name; it’s the Victorian on a slight rise at First and College in Claremont. Don Pattison has been the host at the Pomona College-owned guest house, greeting visitors and living on the premises for 26 years. On his way out, he gave me a tour. Tag along in Sunday’s column.

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  • SAWZ

    I’ve admired that house for years and see it every time I go to Claremont–I use the Metrolink parking lot and walk by that house to the village. I wondered who lived in it–now I know. There are a few cracks in the huge block’ retainer along the sidewalk. I always say to myself, “If an earthquake happens, run fast”.

  • Proud

    @SAWZ:disqus – No Earth quake!….’ONLY a ‘LOVELY” Tour is Idealized!!’…..