In-N-Out in La Verne to reopen Friday

You may have read that the In-N-Out in La Verne has closed briefly for renovation. My colleague Liset Marquez had that story last month.

I was driving by on Foothill Boulevard Feb. 24 and was greeted by the unusual sight of the restaurant fully wrapped, as if it were being fumigated, or as if Christo had turned it into an art installation. On my way back, I pulled into the lot to take a few photos just for the novelty of it.

“We will be open normal hours on Friday, March 15,” the sign below promises.

This In-N-Out opened in 1977 but is considered Store No. 3 as the chain moved its third store there from Pomona, where it opened circa 1952 (records are scarce). In-N-Out had attempted to open a restaurant in La Verne in 1975 but was, rather astonishingly, turned down, a story told in my column in 2018.

Oh, and Gustavo Arellano caused a stir last November with an essay in which he declared In-N-Out’s burgers “so-so.” Read his take here. Personally, I like one now and then, but as a transplant to California, I’ve always been of the opinion that you had to have grown up eating In-N-Out to love it.

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  • SAWZ

    I first ate at In-N-Out in Baldwin Park in 1957. It is still the best IMO. Now that I belong to WW’s I limit myself to two a year.

  • DebB

    I went by there last week a couple times, and it looks pretty much the same as it did before (although I didn’t go inside). I thought they might be enlarging it, but it doesn’t look like it.

    • davidallen909

      I can’t remember what the exterior looked like before — was it brick? — but now it looks like concrete. Maybe it’s not done yet.

      • DebB

        I can’t remember either whether it was brick or stucco. But I meant that it doesn’t look any larger, they didn’t add inside seating, anything like that.