A week off

As mentioned in Sunday’s column, I’m off all week, returning to work March 18.

I had been wanting to travel, at least in Southern California, but decided I wasn’t quite up to that yet, post-pneumonia.

(I’ve mostly recovered but still have an intermittent cough, and I’ve continued to turn in early to ensure I get a full night’s rest. Hiking or hoofing it around a distant city struck me as too ambitious.)

So it’s a staycation, with some travel to LA amid time at home. The break will be nice, I think.

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  • SAWZ

    Have you been to the BROAD? I went alone last year and was ushered right in–there are some very interesting items there. The Cathedral and DWP cafeterias are close and have some good food items. You would not have to do too much walking if you used Red Line, Of if you want to take a long ride on the Express Line, the Nordstrom and the food Court are in Santa Monica Place which is just across the street from that STOP. The kids menu at Nordstrom has a grilled cheese sandwich with soup, fruit and drink.

    • davidallen909

      I’ve been to the Broad once and hope to return sometime during the next exhibit, about the black power movement, which piques my interest. Would not have thought of the DWP or Cathedral cafeterias (and didn’t know the latter had one). That kids menu item sounds good.

      • SAWZ

        When I was working, going in on Fridays to run around by myself, I would begin the morning about 10:00 a.m. at the DWP with prepared-to-order French Toast–it has been 12 years since I did that. The item I had at the Cathedral (it is adjacent to the plaza area) was grilled cheese sandwich and it was very good.

      • SAWZ

        I hope you saw or will see the large portrait (subject person whom I don’t recall) with a challenge to guess whether the portrait is a hand-made painting or a portrait. The subject male has a mustache and beard. The answer to the questions is surprising.

  • Proud

    @davidallen909 Stay LOCAL….Their are MANY Museums and Galleries to See in The ‘IE’….As Well as Restaurants….Use ‘Lemon & Honey W Echinacea’ too Heal!……

    • davidallen909

      So far I haven’t gone farther than Pomona! But I do have two LA excursions planned before the week is up.

  • Richard_Pietrasz

    Sometimes staycation is the best. Bad health is often a symptom of working too hard; while it never gave me pneumonia, it gave me bronchitis once while I was still in my twenties. It is a good opportunity to read two or three or four books (not more at my age and reading speed). Also, a few bucks saved might help when the flooding surge of journalistic revenue dries up. (Poe’s law alert: that was intended as sarcasm.)

    • davidallen909

      I did feel like I was working too hard and worrying too much; your confirmation of that theory was welcome.

      I haven’t done much as of midweek other than clear some clutter at home and eat a few good meals out. The organizing was overdue and felt good. Am halfway through one novel. An alternate version of this staycation might have seen me read two or three, which would also have been fun.

  • Terri Shafer

    Get some reading done! 😉

  • Bob House

    Happy Birthday and Staycate like a boss!

  • DebB

    Belated Happy Birthday!