Column: End zone: When Cal Poly football hit the showers

I follow up on my recent column on the Cal Poly Pomona archives by exploring the end of the university’s football program. That’s the topic of Wednesday’s uncommonly sporty column, with an unrelated Valley Vignette. Incidentally, I don’t understand football and have never watched more than a few minutes of a game.

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  • SAWZ

    I understand football because my father had played in high school and he sat with me by the radio (no TV in that day and age) when we listened to an out-of- town game and explained every play to me. It is an exciting game, but since I have learned what cumulative knocks can do to a player’s brain, the game has lost its appeal to me. (I feel the same way about boxing.) I think the knowledge now of those facts, in general, could be a reason why the football program at CalPoly, Roman Gabriel and all, could not continue to sustain.