Column: You can own a home on Bulletin street

I pay a visit to the housing development rising on the site of the former Daily Bulletin offices and printing plant, put in a pitch to subscribe and comment a bit on the current state of our industry in my Wednesday column.

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  • Bob House

    Hopefully, it will be many, many years before residents start asking, “I don’t get it. What can these names possibly mean?”

  • SAWZ

    I had made a down payment on a Kaufman-Broad home in RC in the early 2000’s. It was a beautiful house–the price was $260,000. Now the prices have doubled–I don’t know how the average citizen could ever make the payments on a house of that price. As for the one I was in the process of purchasing–I chickened out.

  • Beth Ann Melendez

    Didn’t feel like a pitch to me, more like a pitiful plea like Sally Struthers or the guy with he beard that looks like a slightly younger Santa Claus. l wonder how many people mailed in 70 cents.