7-Eleven sign now less heavenly

This old-school 7-Eleven sign at Towne Avenue and Mission Boulevard has delighted me the past year or two that I’ve been eating regularly at a couple of Mexican restaurants nearby. Last November, when I was parked next door at Taqueria Oaxaquena, I thought I’d better document the sign by taking a photo.

Good thing I did, because in March the sign was updated. The new version said “Open 24 Hours.” It does not say “Oh thank heaven!” I shot this one while parked at a red light, so it’s the opposite face of the sign.

I had this post all ready to publish last Tuesday when I happened to be stopped at the intersection Monday evening and saw the sign had been switched out again. Instead of “Open 24 Hours,” it now says “Slurpee,” on both sides. So I stopped, took a fresh photo and put the post on hold until I had a chance to update it. Sheesh.

If the sign has been changed in the past week, I don’t want to know about it.

The “Oh thank heaven!” slogan appears to date to the late 1960s, which doesn’t mean the sign was necessarily that old. It was emblematic enough to be used as the title of a corporate history, 1977’s “Oh Thank Heaven!: The Story of the Southland Corporation” by Allen Liles.

Last I looked, La Verne still had a 1960s 7-Eleven sign, pre-slogan. Thank heaven.


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