Column: Triumphant homecoming for Pomona’s ‘Idol’ finalist

I was there Tuesday for Alejandro Aranda’s return to Pomona for his “American Idol” “hometown visit,” which comes with being in the Top 3. And so were thousands of others. “Idol” had said to expect 8,000 to 10,000 and that seemed possible based on what I saw. That segment will air during Sunday’s finale.

It was a fun day, culminating in a free concert. It was also a stressful day for yours truly, as when the concert was over, at 7:30, I had until 8:30 to finish my column, partly written earlier in the day but with lots to add and adjust. I made it. Read about the day in my Wednesday column. And look for a sequel on Friday, as I had an inside view of Aranda’s low-key visit to Claremont earlier Tuesday.

Above, Aranda tunes his guitar while speaking from the stage in front of the Fox.

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  • SAWZ

    Good job, David! I will be watching the show this Sunday. I’m thinking that whether he wins or loses, his future meal ticket is assured–he won’t be washing dishes.