Column: People beam at chance to sign AMC girder

I attended an event at Montclair Place mall Monday at which city officials signed a bright yellow girder that will be placed in the AMC 12 now under construction. You can sign it too. After all, I did. This novelty event is the subject of my Wednesday column.

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  • SAWZ

    I tried to add my two cents to the girder but it was virtually impossible. There is no more room on it, and the one marker-pen is so worn out–the writing probably cannot be deciphered–one would think they could have provided a fresh marker-pen. I did what I could and tried to address anyone reading the comments a decade or more from now:

    “If this is still a movie theater, and if the mall is still standing, and if it has reclaimed its name, MONTCLAIR PLAZA, you are seeing history.” __________________
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    • davidallen909

      Ha ha ha! Oh, Shirley.

  • Theodore Melendez

    I always plan ahead and brought my own marker, A dad and son tried to use a ball point, and was thinking to myself that aint gonna work, Oh well back to me, scrawled a little message on there. I guess you’ll need a really tall ladder and a time machine to see what I wrote