Column: When comics were the point of Comic-Con

I used to be a regular at San Diego Comic-Con, but I quit when the event started getting overwhelming and the attention shifted from comics. This wasn’t a topic I had ever thought of addressing until being in San Diego last month, seeing the 50th anniversary banners on lampposts and thinking, Huh, maybe the milestone would be a good excuse to look back. And thus I bring you: Wednesday’s column.

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  • SAWZ

    This Comic-con conference has been going for 50 years and look at it now–thousands of devotees.. I had hopes that Politicon was going to be something that would take off in a similar fashion. I attended Politican in Pasadena in 2017 and had such a fun time, I thought it would be something I would do every year. Then last year the promoters of Politicon disappointed me by changing the dates from July to October when I could not attend. They obviously did not possess the fortitude that the Comic-con people have–this year they are ditching California and taking Politicon to Nashville–boo!