Column: How a ‘ghost town’ became Pomona’s Arts Colony

A panel last weekend at the School of Arts and Enterprise in downtown Pomona for the Arts Colony’s 25th anniversary was a chance for participants to tell stories about the last quarter century, but also about the pre-Arts Colony days, when downtown was a kind of no-man’s-land. I share some of those stories, with some follow-up questions, in Friday’s column. Above from left, Joshua Swodeck, Ed Tessier, Bill Moore, Phil Graffham, Marci Swett, Rebecca Hamm, Chris Toovey and Joy McAlister.


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  • SAWZ

    Pomona was my first city of residence when I came to CA in 1956. It was a beautiful thriving city then. It still has many attributes–medical center and hospital; largest county fair in the U.S.; Cal Poly, national drag races, etc.