Downtown Pomona fountain

Five fountains were installed by Pomona in 1962 as part of the 2nd Street makeover for a pedestrian mall, and four have survived. (The fifth, at Thomas and 2nd, was removed circa 1999 to make way for the Thomas Street Plaza.) All have art by prominent local artists thanks to Millard Sheets, the artist, teacher and designer who laid out the pedestrian mall and wanted to add beauty to people’s lives.

Here’s one of the fountains, produced by mosaic artists Jean and Arthur Ames and featuring the Goddess Pomona. It’s at 409 W. 2nd St., north side of the street.

City Hall is requesting proposals to clean and repair missing or broken elements of the four fountains at a cost of up to $230,000 total, as my colleague Liset Marquez recently reported. It’ll be nice to see them get some TLC.

This post has been updated to reflect the fifth fountain.

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  • DebB

    I’m glad to see this happening – those fountains need some love!

    • davidallen909

      They do — although I’m impressed the city has kept them working!

  • Megan Gearhart

    I want to see them put the Betty Davenport Ford doves back in the Pomona Goddess fountain. The originals were taken out via crowbar. She made us another set, but it resides in the Council Chambers.

    • davidallen909

      Bring back the doves!