Column: Latte edition: Starbucks quits selling newspapers

Perhaps the most well-trafficked place that sold newspapers has stopped doing so. Starting a week ago, all Starbucks outlets nationwide dropped newspapers. I write about that, along with my related quest to find a print copy of the New York Times in the absence of Starbucks selling them, in Sunday’s column.

Above, a Starbucks news rack in Ontario on Aug. 5; below, a Starbucks news rack in Ontario, different location, on Aug. 30. I took the earlier photo after finding the rack gone at a Claremont Starbucks, which gave me the sense (before looking it up and confirming it) that newspapers were on their way out at the chain.

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  • Theodore Melendez

    Breaking news !!! 7-11 , Walgreens sell newspapers. and I believe theres a liquor store on Philadephia and Euclid that has the NY Times its name escapes me .

    • davidallen909

      Good to hear. I tried a Walgreens in Pomona and found only the IVDB (which of course I was pleased to see), but neglected to try a 7-Eleven, so I can’t say if they have the NYT or not.

  • SAWZ

    I purchase the IVDB at 7-11 in Upland every Sunday. They better not disappear it!

    I had never heard of Starbucks before 1994. It is a household name now and I do like the coffee. I don’t know how it could help their business to stop selling the newspapers. One would think that they would keep a couple complimentary newspapers on the counter for the guests to enjoy and pass on,

    Things are changing, for the worse, with business entities that we patronize every day. Olive Garden doesn’t serve my favorite meal, Portabella Ravioli anymore–Applebees took away the glaze from our salmon–Stater Bros has decided not to carry my fat-free Mountain High Yogurt any more.