Column: LA landmarks pop up at fair

I visited the LA County Fair on Wednesday for the first time this season to take a walk around and see some sights. I focused on the LA Pop Architecture show on the hill, but also stopped at a vegan food stand and the Millard Sheets Art Center. That’s all part of Friday’s column.

It was a fruitful visit that will result in a column item or two on Sunday and possibly a full column next Wednesday. Above, the trippy art piece “Emergence.” Stand in front of it and the elements might appear in motion.

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  • DebB

    If there’s any chance you decide to visit the Fair again, and if that visit happens to be next Sunday, come by the DIY building through the Photography door. My charitable group, Ryan’s Case for Smiles, has a booth there and I volunteer most weeks. We sew pillowcases for children in LA area hospitals, and anyone can drop by and try their hand on a sewing machine, or just say Hi!

    • davidallen909

      The last day of the fair? I’ll be on vacation!

      • DebB

        Lucky you! Have a great one!

  • SAWZ

    I saw the Pop Art exhibits on the hill–they were very good. I do regret though that those exhibits and whatever was on the hill last year, had to take the place of the dinosaurs.

    • davidallen909

      I know, you love your fair dinosaurs.