• Proud

    David Thank You for your Visual Pastiche through Nor Cal’s Bounty of Treasures…..I have Family in Several Areas you visited and am familiar with the popular locales….I was Floored to hear that several scenes of Hitchcock Films had been filmed there and not on the East Coast….Also thank you for notating the BEST Mexican Food is in So Cal let alone the (909))…..

    • davidallen909

      You’re welcome for all of that! Glad to hear you connected with that column.

      Most of Hitch’s films were done on studio backlots, but he did venture out from time to time. Closest film site of his that I’m aware of is Pioneer Cemetery in Sierra Madre for “Family Plot.”

  • Doug Evans

    Welcome back! I always love your vacation trips, meaning specifically I love the write-ups you do when you get back. Yay for visiting bookstores! And yay for visiting Salinas! Who wouldn’t want you to visit Salinas? It’s Steinbeck country. I fully support that part of your trip.

    • davidallen909

      I’m glad some people like reading about my vacations. They’re as fun to write about as they are to experience firsthand. I regret that I didn’t have time to revisit the Steinbeck museum or to see his childhood home, but there will be future trips.

  • SAWZ

    If you passed through Castroville and did not stop at the Giant Artichoke Restaurant that is sad. The fried artichokes are delicious.