Column: The man who put Chino in a Grateful Dead song

I catch up on some of the news from when I was away, starting with the passing of “Friend of the Devil” lyricist Robert Hunter and continuing with demolition of the former Marie Callender’s in Claremont and the deaths of Chuck Keagle and Trisha Martinez, the latter with the inclusion of comments from an informal gathering in her honor Thursday night that I attended. All that makes up Sunday’s column.

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  • SAWZ

    Well David, for anyone who has resided in Montclair as long as I, it is a “no-brainer” as to the question of how the Council should determine who will be her replacement. Her husband should be appointed to finish the first half of her term–he can be running for election to complete the second half as he serves in 2020. I have watched him participate as an activist in Montclair politics for 20 years. He has been loyal to Montclair, even after he lost his first campaign running against the incumbent Mayor. He should not have to interview for the appointment or start campaigning for election at this time–the reason is plain to see.

    • davidallen909

      Well, there’s precedent for that, Shirley, as you know, with the mayor’s wife taking his place for the last few months of his term. In this case, it’s an interesting idea that would not have occurred to me as an outsider. Thanks for sharing.