Column: Readers recall students’ artful Zappa prank

I use Sunday’s column to tie up some loose ends from 2019, with reader comments or new information on previous column topics involving Frank Zappa, Sammy Davis Jr., Sizzlin, the print New York Times and the University of La Verne chapel. As it turned out there were a few too many loose ends to tie up in one column, a sequel may be forthcoming.

Trivia note: Usually we post my Sunday columns online on Saturday mornings, but we experimented today with posting it on Sunday at 10 a.m. Why? Saturday is the deadest day for online traffic and we want to see if posting the column on Sunday will yield different, i.e., better results.

Interestingly, you could actually read the column a few hours earlier if you buy an old-school print edition or, as a subscriber, if you check out our e-edition online, which replicates the print paper. I’ll continue to post the columns here, natch, but will do so at whatever point Sundays that I’m free.

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