Favorite films of 2019

In an annual exercise, done since 2007, I count down my favorite films of the previous year. Here’s my 2018 list.

I can’t call myself an avid moviegoer, as I saw only 15 movies last year — about half of them in November and December. For much of the year the idea of giving up a scarce afternoon for a movie was not enticing. Then late in the year I got into it again. Who knows why, although seeing a very good movie can give you a lift, one that makes you want to see another. And I saw one good movie after another.

The handful of releases I saw that didn’t make the Top 10, in descending order of interest: Maiden, Captain Marvel, Amazing Grace, Us and Avengers: Endgame. So if there’s a title not listed above or below, I didn’t see it. Got it? Then, as Casey Kasem used to say, on with the countdown.

10. Motherless Brooklyn

9. Apollo 11

8. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

7. Pain and Glory

6. Ford v Ferrari

5. Richard Jewell

4. Parasite

3. Uncut Gems

2. Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood

and my No. 1 movie:

Little Women

I saw it Jan. 1, but as it’s a 2019 movie and it vaulted into my No. 1 spot, I’m counting it. Anything I see after this will just have to wait until my 2020 list.

What movies did you see and like, or hate, in 2019?

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  • Richard Nichols

    If you didn’t, you need to see Joker. Watching Joaquin Phoenix alone made this movie incredible.

    • davidallen909

      I may be missing out, but nothing about that movie appeals to me. Obviously a lot of people feel differently…

      • SAWZ

        I am having a terrible time. Have done my comment several times and there is no way to post–so hence this “reply” maybe it will work:

        My list is very short–19 films. There was nothing to rave about; nothing to really hate–except the fact that the movies are getting longer and longer. I skipped “The Irishman”; An hour could have been omitted from “Little Women” without destroying its qiuality. I prefer docs over fiction and loved the ones on Pavoratti and Linda Ronstadt. A couple biopics, “White Crow” and “Rocketman” were enjoyable. “The Peanut Butter Falcon” was adorable and entertaining. Here is my List in no preferential order:

        Salvadote Dali–The Search for Immortality (Doc)
        Free Solo (Doc)
        The Wife
        White Crow
        Pavoratti (Doc)
        Late Night
        Wild Rose
        Sword of Trust
        The Farewell
        The Peanut Butter Falcon
        Fiddler–Miracle of Miracles (Doc)
        Blinded by the Light
        Linda Ronstadt–the Sound of My Voice (Doc)
        Downton Abbey
        Raise Hell–The Life and Times of Molly Ivins (Doc)
        Knves Out
        Little Woman

      • SAWZ

        Obviously I am having even more trouble than I thought. “Little Women” should be on that list–making the total 20.

  • Hugh C. McBride

    Only saw two new releases in 2019, but they were good ones:

    1. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
    2. The Irishman

    Quantity was clearly lacking last year, but I have no complaints re: the quality of my new-movie viewing.

    • davidallen909

      You sat through more than six hours of movies! I don’t have Netflix and couldn’t motivate myself to see The Irishman at a theater, although I’m sure I would have enjoyed it.