Favorite films of 2019

In an annual exercise, done since 2007, I count down my favorite films of the previous year. Here’s my 2018 list.

I can’t call myself an avid moviegoer, as I saw only 15 movies last year — about half of them in November and December. For much of the year the idea of giving up a scarce afternoon for a movie was not enticing. Then late in the year I got into it again. Who knows why, although seeing a very good movie can give you a lift, one that makes you want to see another. And I saw one good movie after another.

The handful of releases I saw that didn’t make the Top 10, in descending order of interest: Maiden, Captain Marvel, Amazing Grace, Us and Avengers: Endgame. So if there’s a title not listed above or below, I didn’t see it. Got it? Then, as Casey Kasem used to say, on with the countdown.

10. Motherless Brooklyn

9. Apollo 11

8. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

7. Pain and Glory

6. Ford v Ferrari

5. Richard Jewell

4. Parasite

3. Uncut Gems

2. Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood

and my No. 1 movie:

Little Women

I saw it Jan. 1, but as it’s a 2019 movie and it vaulted into my No. 1 spot, I’m counting it. Anything I see after this will just have to wait until my 2020 list.

What movies did you see and like, or hate, in 2019?

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