Restaurant of the Week suspended

In 2020 I’d managed to post a Restaurant of the Week every Thursday like clockwork. That was possible after putting in a full day early in January writing 3 1/2 of them, and then writing one a week after that. That gave me enough of a cushion that even on vacation I didn’t skip posting one. I wondered if I could keep the streak going a full calendar year.

Of course that was before everything changed. As I write this Wednesday morning, from the comfort of my sofa, I have two ROWs ready to go, with notes on one or two more. But with L.A. County restaurants ordered closed except for takeout or delivery, and S.B. County restaurants likely to follow, what’s the point?

Part of the pleasure of writing them is the ambience of the restaurant. I generally end the post with an interior photo. The posts are designed around the restaurant experience, not the takeout or delivery experience.

For now, I’ve postponed the posts, scheduling the two already written for May 7 and 14, which can be changed forward or backward as the situation changes. Let me know what you think.

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  • Joey Catuara

    I try many of the places you write about, so no complaints from me for the postponement. I’m not going anywhere these days (except solo bike rides).

    • davidallen909

      Thanks for the support, both for the ROW and for its temporary suspension.

  • DebB

    I decided I’d like to try to support some of the local restaurants as well as delivery people by sometimes ordering lunch delivery. This morning I went to the DoorDash website and looked in the section of local restaurants.

    For the ones whose food interested me, I came to your blog and every single one showed up as a place you’d reviewed! I haven’t decided yet what to order, but it turns out I can still benefit from your RotWs!

    • davidallen909

      Yay! There are literally hundreds of reviews here, even if a fair number of the restaurants have closed over the years, so the archive ought to be of some use for years to come.

    • DebB

      BTW, I decided on Eureka Burgers, and had a delicious fig and goat cheese burger. I also ordered sweet potato fries, but was a little put off by the honey. Still ate them, though – hey, they’re fries!

      • davidallen909

        I read your comment Thursday morning. When lunchtime came, I thought, “Mmmm, Eureka.” Thanks for the inspiration! I went for the American burger, side of slaw.

  • Theodore Melendez

    Our whole house went on a little health kick because of corona virius 3 weeks no fast food no restaurant take out except for one cheat day so far Round Table pizza.

    • davidallen909

      Even if it’s forced upon us, this is a chance to break habits and try new things, right?