Column: Rain, rain, go away! Or keep falling, others say

As raindrops keep fallin’ on our heads, unless we stay indoors that is, I decided to write about the rain, which is becoming part of our lives almost as much as March did (in its 887 days). I posed the question on Facebook as to how people were handling the rainy weather and if even fans of rain were having second thoughts. Dozens of replies came in. I write about that in Friday’s column.

I went out in the light showers of Wednesday late afternoon and Thursday morning to await a passerby holding an umbrella. Got a not-quite-sharp enough photo Wednesday and a good one Thursday after a lot of tromping around my neighborhood. Not surprisingly, people prefer to go for a walk when it’s dry.

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  • SAWZ

    I know we need the rain–its just the timing of it right now–There are a couple errands I must complete before the weekend and standing for 30-40 minutes, in the rain, waiting to enter Trader Joe’s is not an option. (No, an umbrella is not an option either because it is cold and the store does not need another dripping umbrella coming in). I have been out of chopped veggie mix for three days.

    • davidallen909

      I hear you, Shirley. At least today ought to be it, other than some showers Sunday. Saturday and then next week are supposed to be dry. Hallelujah.

      • SAWZ

        I managed to get to TJ’s in between two light storms. yesterday (Friday). The store had three rain canopies outside for the customers while they were in lline, as long as they have turned the corner from the west side to the front. I should have guessed. They do very well keeping up their stock and they even provide free bags since the shoppers are not allowed to bring in their own during this crisis.

        I also visited Stater’s last night just before closing–the time to go when it is least crowded. My list included Kraft American singles with 2@ milk and they were out. I went today to two more Stater’s markets, Vons and Walmart and all were sold out of cheese singles with 2% milk in any brand. I decided to give it one more try so I went to Aldii’s and found what I wanted–Happy Farm brand. My day was finally complete and I went home and back into isolation.

        • davidallen909

          Two markets on Friday and five markets on Saturday!?! Take it easy, Shirley. You shouldn’t be out at all at your age, much less making the supermarket circuit. Stay safe!

          • SAWZ

            I wore a mask and went directly to the cheese counter each time. There are so many things I prepare at home that need that slice of cheese. The markets are all taking distance precautions–you have to wait in line at Von’s too, I can’t believe the size of the Stater’s market at Holt-San Antonio–it is a good three times larger than the original and my current market. We lived in that area in the early 60’s, and it was my first Stater’s market. I used to fill the cart to the brim every Friday night at the cost of $25 to feed our family of four.

  • Theodore Melendez

    I think whoever did the rain dance got a little carried away, (Rain dace jokes)