Column: Knott’s Berry Farm story sprouted in Pomona

Did you know the couple behind Knott’s Berry Farm met in high school in Pomona? Well, you may have if you’ve read my column for a long time. Regardless, I go into all that again for Knott’s centennial, as well as telling you more about handwashing (and lack of same), about a couple who tried to recreate their first date at the long-gone Lord Charley’s restaurant and about Dave Stevens, an Upland civic leader who died a week ago, all in Sunday’s column.

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  • SAWZ

    My family visited the original Knott’s Berry farm in the 60’s and 70’s–usually with visiting relatives, It was unique and I hope that neither Mr. or Mrs. Knott had to see it turned into just another amusement park before they, respectively, passed away. We had eaten in the fried chicken restaurant in the 60’s and I never forgot it–the best fried chicken I had ever eaten. We went back in the 90’s and it was not the same–I have wondered if the original restaurant used lard since such is now illegal in restaurants–something was changed. At least Cordelia is properly remembered in Orange with her name on a medical center.