I wore a mask to Trader Joe’s that my husband cut from an old pair of jeans and was figitting with it in the store–the floor clerk walked up and gave me two real masks–I am grateful.

    CVS is out of standard masks but they are selling them individually for $1.99–limit 2. My husband asked if I got two and I said “No, I am not going to pay that price–he said, “Well if you need it you have to have it”. I looked on the internet–a standard box of 50 masks is $6.88 but they were out of stock. If they were available that would be 13 cents per mask. I vaguely remember something about an emergency law being passed last week that upping the usual price of an item that would be needed in this crisis is limited to ten percent. I don’t think that selling normally boxed items individually at a 653% markup is too cool at this time.

  • DebB

    I volunteer with a group that sews pillowcases for children in LA-area hospitals. Now that we can’t meet for that purpose, we’ve “re-tooled” and have been making masks at home for the last couple weeks. Even though they’re not medical grade, the hospitals are asking for them, and I’ve already delivered a batch to PVHMC, as well as a batch of kid-size masks to Ronald McDonald houses.

    Remember that your mask doesn’t really protect you from the virus, it protects others from getting the virus from you by keeping your “breath droplets” inside. So wash it pretty frequently, maybe have more than one, and still follow other precautions. Also, it should cover your nose as well as your mouth, as uncomfortable as that is sometimes.

    From what they’re saying, we’re going to be wearing these things for some time to come. I guess it’s our “new normal”. Maybe they’ll become the new way to show your personal style!

    • SAWZ

      Thank you Deb. I understand. My neighbor is making them at home so I now have a source for something that can be washed.

  • Theodore Melendez

    I wanna break out my George Washington mask, technically it’s a mask, not as safe as the95 one . I think it could hold up in court if it came to that